Sales of Medical equipment

Fully address the various needs of well-developed medical treatment.

Our company, MIC, has been engaged in business to provide services on distribution of all kinds of the medical equipment and devices, by adhering to our principles of delivering the ordered items more quickly and reliably.

Demand for health care is certainly growing and diversifying as a result of an aging population. To address this demand, we continue to strengthen our efforts still further, by corresponding to well-developed and specialized medical treatment.

We believe that the mission of all the employees of MIC is to contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of healthy and abundant people's life, and this is also our springhead.

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Manufacturing and sales of Chemical

Innovative chemical with enviromentally-friendliness.

PacificBeam products have been developed innovatively, sticking to “high safety standard” and “outstanding effects”. Due to those superior characteristics, our products have been highly acclaimed in Japan and in the world.

We continue to make the fullest efforts to further improve the existing products and to develop the new product lines. Our goal is to develop our company with the valued customers by providing the “added–valued” to the customer's productsand by enhancing the differentiation from their competitors competitors.

If you have any problem in relation to Anti-microbial, Anti-fungus (mold prevention), Anti-algae, Disinfection, Odor-eliminating, Deodorization, Anti-barnacles, Anti-slim, Heat-insulating, Waste-treatment, Hydrogen water, kindly contact us and PacificBeam will certainly help your problem solution.

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M.I.C is a manufacturer and sole sales agency of all PacificBeam products.

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us thru “inquiry” in this website.

You can also ask by an e-mail. Please send your questions to following address.

Contact:Chemical division

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