Access to MIC Head Quarters(HQ)

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Access to MIC Head Quarters(HQ) Map
Environmentally-related Products / Medical Devices
M.I.C. Co., Ltd.(Medical Intelligence Corporation)
2-2-15 Higashiasahina, Kanazawa-Ward, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa 236-0033, Japan
TEL:045-784-3888  FAX:045-784-3889  URL:www.m-i-c.jp E-mail:info@m-i-c.jp

By Train & Bus

From Kanazawa Hakkei Station on Keikyu Line

Leave the train at KanazawaHakkei Station on Keikyu Line, and get on Keikyu Bus heading for "Sanshin Center". Before reaching "Sanshin Centere", drop off at "Sanshin Center Mae" and then walk for a minute to our office. (Refer to the above map)

From Muthuura Station on Keikyu Zushi Line

Leave the train at Muthuura Station on Keikyu Zushi Line, and g then walk for 12 minutes to our office. (Refer to the above map)

By Car

Exit at Asahina Interchange on Yokoyama-Yokosuka Highway. After the exit, driving on Kanjyou Road4 for the direction of Route 16 . At the first traffic right, turn right and drive upslope till you can see the signage of CREATE Drug Store, and then here you are. (Refer to the above map).

Access to MIC Fukuura Branch

< Fukuura branch >  1-8-33,Fukuura,kanazawa-Ward, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa, Japan 236-0004
TEL:045-353-8931  FAX:045-353-8932

By Train

Get off Seaside line "Fukuura" station, will toward the Industrial Promotion Center district, please turn right at the first intersection, and if we were one block straight ahead, you will see a sign of Fukuura branch.

By Car

Go straight to "357 Route" get off the Metropolitan Expressway Wangan line in "Sachiura Inter" and go straight and turn right at the intersection of "Fukuura 2-chome", so you see a sign that "Yokohama Machinery Association", turn right immediately turn left after Te, please use the on-site parking.